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Education, in our increasingly globalized world, has been increasingly isolated from the rest of life, as more and more a series of prolonged steps toward some elusive 'career' out there, in an ever more competitive world. 

We also understand that while, in earlier eras, education of the young was usually synonymous with being raised by conscientious parents and/or the elders of the village, today, while those dynamics do need to be respected, it is also true that for things like "gainful employment" or "higher learning" we do lean increasingly on a system, usually supported by our national governance, which provides much of this 'education.'

When considering 'educational opportunity' and actually some pursuit of truth--inherent in all learning, AND the simple fact that history and many cultures have varying degrees of expectation and assumptions with what IS a quality education, in discipling our nations, we must be very careful as we move forward with even this one of the '7 mountains' of society. 

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Yes, it is true that Western Civilization, based in many ways on the legacy of a Judeo-Christian tradition--which obviously included its biblical presuppositions about learning and that all learning comes, in the end, from our grand Creator. We also must acknow-ledge that much good education arose in other civilizations as well. 

Before determining what extent, in each society, a quality education means, we must also 'do our homework' to understand the meaning of learning, and what of that we expect to come from more formal educational patterns in our many, often radically different societies.

Yes, we understand that in this competitive world, much education is design to prepare us for a wage-earning career, but we also all know that there is so much more to learning than merely 'getting a good job!' So that our discipling of our societies will mean, at some level, a 're-education' of all educators, to understand the depth and bredth of a Creator-driven, life-long learning system.

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