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eschatology and the nations

Personally, I avoided eschatology for quite awhile, even as I studied this topic of 'obedient nations.' But, in the 'end,' my hand was forced. Eschatology is very much a part of this discussion. Like so many others, as a teenager, I read Hal Lindsay's Late, Great Planet Earth, and though we did not discuss it much, I knew that, as Evangelicals, we were at least mildly dispensational pre-millennials.

Clearly, we need not talk long about "O.N."s before our thinking of this age--and what our Father's passions are "for this age." For me, as a mild dispensationalist (and someone who was quietly shelving much of a prior set of eschatological assumptions), the fascinating process I went through was simply going back to Scripture, and reading many passages again, with a new set of lenses, in part because of this overriding passion that the "missio-Dei" clearly seemed to include, for this age, actual obedience of whole nations, not just the populating of heaven with millions of lost souls. Once that notion took hold of me, it was asking--by proxy--many questions about my view of God's passion and then predictions/prophecies concerning this age.

I have two questions for this discussion at present:

1. How has YOUR eschatology shifted in recent years--as it relates directly to this "O.N."s discussion?

This is NOT a generic eschatology question, but am looking for ways your understanding of this age--and our future, has evolved, directly in association with our great commission and, specifically, the O.N. perspective on it.

2. In light of #1, do you see a systemic or larger approach to eschatology which ties best to this theme of an O.N. outcome "in this age?"

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