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the problem with the thesis

Problem with this thesis?? There are many potential problems with this thesis! I'll try to give a bit of a backdrop to this discussion...and we'll see if we'll need to generate more than one discussion page, when we do get some feedback on this:

1. This comes from my background, which has always sought, as a classic "evangelical" to insure that something is first of all: "biblical." And, believe me, I have had some very entertaining "discussions" with various ones over the years--about whether this thesis is, in fact, biblically sound. I have persisted in my Study of the authoritative Word of God, and, in spite of some objections, have rather stubbornly insisted that I actually do believe this to be biblical, and with that, sense in some ways, again pretty strongly, that some latent late-modern arguments, even equally straight from Scripture, could, in fact, be errant, and misleading many in the "Body of Christ" toward half-ends, not actually carrying out the task as God, especially in Christ, laid out for us 2000 years ago. Anyway, that's one possible "problem" with this thesis.

2. Secondly, and of at least equal concern to its biblical fidelity, is whether history even really lays out this thesis in actual practice, in our church's 2000 years after Christ. After presenting this thesis to one group of leaders, the head of the leading seminary in the country said, with real confidence: "This has never been done in history!" That's a problem we need to address, and I've sought to do it in my book as well.

3. Thirdly, and this is possibly the biggest "problem" most people have with this thesis, is the HOW of it. It's certainly hard enough just discipling an individual--seeing the character of Christ emerge in his/her life, then 'transforming a community,' much less seeing this sort of thing happen at our urban complexes of the current age. But whole nations? Where do you start? And what measurements can we uphold in seeking this sort of transformation--so that, as I've said elsewhere: "to Christ belongs the obedience of nations!" Have just finished Ed Silvoso's latest book, Ekklesia (2017), in which he really does also begin this discussion about HOW we actually disciple whole nations. He sees, from his own experience, a level of real necessity for any real nation-discipling to at least be implementing of the 5 theses he articulates in his book Transformation, as well as the "prayer evangelism" strategies which he implemented and has seen effective in Argentina--and has seen utilized effectively elsewhere.

4. This may tie with these other 'problems' but it certainly is true that throughout history, it seems that whenever "Christians" are given power--either within or outside of the church--they almost invariably abuse it. This has been so true that some traditions, like much of the Anabaptist or Mennonite traditions, among others, have pretty much walked away from things like politics as inherently corrupt and corrupting.

...other problems you see? or could you give us your version of problems you see within this significant shift in our great commission, IF this is how we are to proceed in our future?

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