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spiritualistic dimensions of "O.N."

In my up-coming book, one chapter deals with this "spiritualistic dimensions." Don't know if that's the right title: it really has two primary foci. First is the fact that many peoples and even some geo-political nations have within their history, some point in which they, in some way, "sold their soul to the devil." Often this was through some official, even demonic ritual, by which they were in some ways cursed with some underworld plot. It was often traceable to some point, even in their ancient past, in which they were traumatized by some catastrophe or crisis, like war or some physical calamity--in which they engaged the first gods they could invoke, to rescue them or provide some unavailable crop, etc. For that nation to be 'discipled' in any corporate fashion, those rituals must be officially undone--by leaders in that society, even or often the very ones who uphold those same traditions. George Otis jr. has tracked some of these stories in detail. See his The Twilight Labyrinth for some classic tales of these things (both their invitation and their undoing) in current tribes/societies.

The second focus is very different, as it has to do with systems which are in place, generally not thought of as 'demonic' per se, but which have been erected over time, which often manifest themselves with evil or unjust intent, but which are often seen as inevitable ways that this society, or this organization operates. It takes the form of things like discrimination, prejudice, unequal pay, the refusal of rights to the poor, etc. Walter Wink wrote extensively about these things in a series of books about the biblical term for "the powers." I highly recommend much of what he's written, especially in his last book in that series, called Engaging the Powers.

This "conversation" has to do with any experiences you've had, at this larger tribal or national level, to see transformation occur--around undoing the curses of corruption or demonic allegiance and ritual or traditions (holidays/festivals), as well as more insipid or covert corruption in other institutions/organizations/ businesses or other rituals in society which leave a large imprint of injustice or other evil outcomes.

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