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MAIN Conversation: HOW do we do it?

In a sense, this is the main reason for launching this blog-site... HOW do we actually, fully, disciple nations, or, in my words, see them embracing more of the values of the Kingdom of God, or even demonstrating obedience to "all that I've commanded you?"

To answer this, we could do several things:

1. Observe what others have done in history (like John Wesley, UK, 18th century) or are doing today (like Ed Silvoso or others like YWAM in spots around today's world)

2. Go back to Scripture, with a "Holy Spirit's eye" asking God for his keys to this task.

3. Poll those around the world attempting that or similar tasks...

In meditating on this, I have a short list of things I believe God is saying are absolutely necessary, if we're to actually do this:

a. Humility is likely characteristic #1 of anyone given to actually doing this task...just by virtue of the fact that God "gives grace to the humble" and that seizure of power and the abuse of it has been character trait #1 throughout most of history--within and beyond the church, whenever we're sought to do things at this level.

b. There must be a contagion to this vision and to its integration at many levels for the whole nation to be discipled. So often, and this is what we see today, with so many doing so many things... There are lots of great endeavors going on, but so few seem to really dovetail their efforts with others--in other realms, so that there is a unified effort, in all walks of life and in all the fronts of the Body of Christ, to see something unified and truly strategic happen at the national and even international levels. This will happen through:

-- conversations in every corner of life nationally, around a thousand tables--everywhere

-- publications in the host of current media outlets (social, print, video/U-tube)

-- research that brings together a wide range of fresh understandings of the breadth and depth of our task

I know that so many of you are already involved in elements of this task in your spheres of influence. What things would you add to this conversation?

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