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I tie what Jesus said in Matthew 28:18-20 (grt comm) to what happens at the end of Scripture.

Jesus told us--"disciple ALL the NATIONs!" that's NOT a small task... BUT, at the end of the Book, in Revelation 21:24-26, the "kings of the earth" (those are heads of nations, will bring the glory and splendor of the NATIONS into the city of God--to dwell with God forever.

What this means is that our "great commission" ties directly to what will happen, with the same 'nations' at the end of history... THEY WILL HAVE BEEN DISCIPLED! and therefore will meet the qualifications of marching, with all their glory and splendor into the city of God! It's really a way of tieing the great commission to the Kingdom of God and what His purposes are in all of history!

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