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so many things involved IF we actually shoot, in our missional language, for "obedient nations!"

in some ways, "obedient nations" is simply a vast expanding of our core, missional that we're no longer shooting for JUST the saving of lost souls--BUT, in my books, we would never jettison straightforward's simply MUCH MORE THAN THAT! in some ways, this entire discussion is simply saying that "personal evangelism" and "disciple-making" is simply ONE SIDE of a VERY two-sided COIN. The other side, never ridding ourselves of the personal evangelism/discipleship side, is the CORPORATE side of things like 'conversion,' 'discipling,' and certainly 'transformation.' For various reasons, evangelicals in the 20th century walked away from corporate discipling and narrowed things WAY DOWN to simply PERSONAL discipling and evangelism... which means that "once you get saved" and ask "now what do I do?" in many cases, the evangelical would say something like, "Go tell the world about it!" in other words, evangelize OTHERS--full stop! This is entirely legitimate--and biblical, BUT, it's clearly NOT the whole task Jesus left in our hands...the other half of it is..."obedient nations!" as recorded in Matthew 28 and in many other places throughout our sacred text.

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