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why is a dispensational view of the future do popular on Christian talk-shows in the States?

I certainly USED to be a pretty standard 'dispensationalist.' But, that view has eroded in my thinking, in large part because of a long list of questions that THAT position did not adequately answer--from Scripture. And, another set of questions which that position raised, which I found their answers to be inadequate...

For instance, I was chatting with a GREAT Bible student years after I graduated from Prairie Bible Institute; he was light-years ahead of me in terms of basic Bible studies and teaching...but we started talking about end-time stuff, so i asked him about a pretty standard dispensational teaching that the Jews, apparently, some time in our future, would actually 'rebuild the temple' and re-institute actual animal sacrifices at this rebuilt temple.... it was something I had not heard until years after my studies at PBI. He's a strong dispensational guy, so supported this idea...I really couldn't believe it, just from our study about the 'adequacy of the Christ-event' in ALL of history. For some reason that's part of a conservative dispensational argument...but, as far as my reading of Scripture goes, it seems flat out heretical. What are your thoughts on this? and on my main question above?

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