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about this site

This site is:

1. a platform for this specific vision: Obedient Nations

2. a conversation about that vision

3. a set of resources--related to that vision

4. a launching of new possibilities--around this vision

The vision, summed up in one sentence is:

To Christ belongs the obedience of the nations.

Any time you want to go back to the home page, just click on the "Obedient Nations" header.

The home page has about 15 random themes, which apply in different ways to this theme of 'obedient nations,' discipled nations or transformed nations. You can click on any of these for some introduction to the relationship these themes have with our larger discussion here. I'm certain that this list will change over time...and there's not room at the bottom of each of those, for comments you could make--but you can certainly cite these in our "conversations" section.

"about" is pretty self-explanatory.

"resources" are:

* organizations and leading web-sites of mentors/ leaders/ friends in this business of transformed nations. I display them as a way, in part, of saying, this is not entirely new, and many around the world are already engaged in some form of this process.

* books which have been great helps to me in understanding and articulating this vision--so far--enjoy! tap on the cover pix for their Amazon location.

* my own writings and reflections on this topic. The WWW paper series (Word/WorkWonder: a great description of the global church from an Aussie World Vision film I saw, Manila, 1996) was teaching I did over a decade ago, but it was mainly a set of triads I developed (beyond the WWW above), as a great introduction to the church as it seemed to appear at end of the 20th century, the Matthean version of the "great commission," the three major cultural paradigms of what's wrong with the human race (guilt/shame/fear: and this triad certainly not original to me!), the three elements of the kind of church we're needing in the Philippines--at the end of the DAWN era, the three major blind-spots in Western-driven mission of the past couple of centuries...and other related triads.

* a set of videos (partially there, the first two or three--for lack of storage space) which you're welcome to view. They are a quick exposure to the bulk of my yet-to-be-published book. 

Next is "conversations." This was, in some ways, the original intent of this blog-site. I personally wanted to involve more of you in this conversation about the vision itself, its compatibility with larger mission discussions, any problems within the thesis, but also, if its actually grasped, what about the HOW-TOs of actually discipling or seeing whole nations, whole people groups, large families of the earth embracing the values of the kingdom of God and showing increased signs of obeying Christ--as nations.

There will certainly be more conversations that the few I've listed so far. This is just a beginning. Please contribute, and if you see a clear "other discussion" that is partly why I have, on the home page a sliver of an option to "give feedback." Any critique you have of the site, any correctives or (especially) any future direction you'd like to contribute, please let me know in the "give feedback" slot!

BUT, I certainly look forward to your 'comments' at the end of each "problem" discussion. Bring it on!

Last is "contact." For the time being, we've determined that we don't need a members-only blog-site. So that does mean that there is no overt sign-up for this conversation group. Please, if you want to communicate personally or just let me know who you are, I have my contact information here and would love to interact more personally. Enjoy!

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