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Key Organizations & Networks

These networks, alliances and organizations demonstrate in crystal clear ways some aspects of this level of Obedient Nations transformation and have had a significant influence on me. These are just a few of the many local, national and regional groups doing grand things for the Kingdom!

 In 1975, the heads of YWAM and Cru–Loren Cunningham and Bill Bright–both received a divine prioritization of 7 key arenas in which each society must be brought back to their divine intent, in order for whole nations to be discipled: family, economics, government, religion, education, media, and celebration.

This Alliance is a global network  whose core truths speak to King Jesus, advancing his kingdom, and discipling nations–primarily through the local, holistic, incarnational church, which operates from a biblical worldview.


Every Nation began as a church plant and is now a movement bent on making true disciples, ministering holistically, reaching the next generation on university campuses, and being global in missional perspective/outreach.

The Sentinel Group is based on years of global research by George Otis, Jr that now produces documentaries demonstrating God's movement in needy areas when the church fervently, unitedly and persistently prays for God to authentically visit.

Poverty Cure is an initiative from Acton Institute to revolutionize global philanthropy to minister among the poorest populations. Professionally produced videos demonstrate serious instruction in understanding that all people are made in God's image, have dignity, and must be given skills to thrive. 

YWAM is a worldwide organization that receives about 100,000 new workers each year for almost every conceivable form of missional activity. It has led the way in publishing key books on reaching the nations.

Led by Luis Bush, Transform World 2020 is a large global network seeking to address critical areas of 'challenge' for the missio Dei through conferences, summits, and connections.

Ed Silvoso (also head of Harvest Evangelism), has developed Transform our World over the past decade, after proven ministry in Argentina and now globally. It's evolved from city-taking to marketplace transformation to an increased commitment to discipling nations through multimedia.

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