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Steve's Resources & Writings

These are a few resources that you can use for further learning around this vision. They all dive deeper into key developments in the history of global missions and the future we're working towards.

  • Opening the Nautilus is the first video in my 7-part series. It gives a main introduction to this thesis, via the metaphor of the nautilus, depicting the last half century of missions and exploring the next phase in the missio Dei.

  • The "Word, Work and Wonder" series is based on a set of teaching I did two decades ago about what  I saw happening in the global church, which has only increased over time. In it, I identify the three major Protestant traditions (Evangelical, mainline, and charismatic), and discover how their unity is essential to global missions, as it moves quickly from "the West to the rest." The series is broken down into three papers:

Segment A introduces these three Protestant traditions and their contributions to world missions.  
Segment B uses a Philippines church-planting model as a case study, and expands into a church-society matrix. 
Segment C defines what we mean when we talk about "the church" in this day and age. 
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