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Sites & Sounds

Another great piece by Hillsong regarding the nations.


Transformations is a documentary by Ed Silvoso and George Otis, Jr about four communities around the world that undergo transformation through the power of prayer. 

Here are some great worship songs, websites and/or models of ministry, across a wide spectrum, of what it just might look like to see people seeking to disciple their nations.
A fun flashmob on Easter Sunday from a church in Budapest, Hungary! 
great worship song by Darlene Zsech of Hillsong about the nations. 


The Last Reformation movement in London.

More miracles in Sweden with the Last Reformation: taking Jesus to the mall!


This 90-minute documentary is a powerful flick addressing the convergence of "the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse" (war, conquest, famine and death) in an eloquent exposure of the system we're  part of these days. See what you think!

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