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Dignity in birth and death

Abortion has been with the human race for as long as the redemptive story, and we also know that the early church was known for rescuing discarded children, and caring for the elderly and needy. But we also sense that for a society to be healthy, it does in fact care for its weakest members. This goes with the fact that all God's children understand that each human being is made in the image of its Maker, and therefore has dignity and an inherent right to life and to thriving. 

We include dignity in birth and death as these do go together in most healthy societies, and usually have to do with our most vulnerable moments as human creatures. We understand that a society which off-loads its unborn will be just as likely to quickly off-load its other members who cannot speak for themselves. 

We celebrate those groups who stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves, whether they are vulnerable at the beginning, at the end, or  in other moments of classic vulnerability. 

And it is our Maker through whom we understand all of life to be sacred, and, having been made in his image, understand the special role that the human family has in his created order.

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