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Oh, how we long for peace in this world! I recall an exercise we did, as a class under Peter Wagner in Pasadena several decades ago, in which we were simply trying to state what the values of the Kingdom of God really were. One of the first things had to do with the end of war--or God's shalom--wholeness to come, in all levels of our societies. 

Scripture almost routinely speaks of God's peace which passes all understanding, being the purview of any of his children. 

If we're talking about so discipling our nations that they will embrace the values of the kingdom of God, then we must be praying and working toward the incoming peace of God at every level of our lives, in our homes, our neighborhoods, on the streets of our cities and between our peoples and nations.

Historically, some theologians have sought to separate out the values of Scripture--God's revelation between individual application and corporate or national/ societal application. I have found, over time, that that kind of division is far too often a human invention and does not adequately trace itself to the passions and heart of our Maker. My main reason for this now, is simply the fact that Christ, King of kings, mandated that we teach all the nations "to obey all that I've commanded you!" That sounds like the application of individual discipleship at the national level.


Can a nation praise God? Can a nation rejoice & be glad? Can a nation obey God? Can nations understand justice? Scripture points the way toward a yes--answer in each of these, and many other similar questions (Ps 67: 3-4;  Is. 19:23-24; 42:1,4; Jer. 18:7-10; Deut. 4:5-8; t 28:18-20; Rom 16:25-26). 

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